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eyeGO to the arts!

eyeGO is for high school students who want to experience the best that live arts has to offer at a price they can afford! $5 tickets can be purchased to a variety of shows across Canada with options including live theatre, music, spoken word, dance, and musical theatre.

It is as easy as going to the movies:

1. Pick a show on the website.
2. Go to the box office of the show you are interested in (or call ahead). 
3. Present student card and ask for an eyeGO to the Arts ticket.
4. Pay $5 bucks and enjoy the show!

Keep checking this web site for new performances and partners!

Don’t have a student card?
Contact eyeGO to the Arts and we will confirm that you are a full-time high school student. You will then receive a special ‘eyeGO to the Arts’ student card. You will need to present photo ID with the eyeGO card when you pick up your ticket at the arts venue.

If you are interested in getting involved in an eyeGO Youth Council check out our contact page and call or email us. As we grow, the number of communities and presenters will also expand so it is a good idea to check back every now and again to see what has been added.

* Box office information is included with the show listings.
** You must be a full-time high school student to qualify for the eyeGO to the Arts programme.

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